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Where Science Meets Indulgence 

The best journey in life is the journey back to yourself. Take a well-deserved break from the stresses of your busy day. Wellness and self care shouldn’t be a once in while “treat” its a lifestyle. With a full-range of professional treatments and non invasive skincare therapy. Here at SKINLUXE the main focus is you, you deserve the very best for your skin and results you didn’t know could exist! In an atmosphere that will ease your mind and comfort your body to complete relaxation. Without massive up charges you would normally see at the clinic or ordinary day spas, SKINLUXE offers the exact same treatment for half the price. Making your weekly/monthly treatments more sustainable. You will be able to achieve your skincare goals quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Marble Surface


Luxe Facial - $109  Signature Facial - $79 
Membership monthly price for Luxe $79 | Signature $49 
Monthly Member pricing will also be for any first time guest.

Luxe facials are completely customized. The entire facial will be tailored around your exact skin concerns. Includes: Deep cleansing, exfoliation, enzyme peel, scalp/neck/shoulder/decollete massage, lymphatic drainage facial massage, treatment masque, serum, moisturizer, spf. Signature Facials are more of an introductoey facial. Helps to balance the skin and retain vibrancy. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, treatment masque , scalp massage, shoulder massage, serum, moisturizer, spf. Express facials are a 30 minute variation of each. Express Luxe $49  Express Signature $39

Beautician makes a microcurrent massage of face of girl client with help of modern salon e

Beautiful Image MICROCURRENT

Single Treatment - $135

8 Series - $950

10 Series -$1,120 

15 series -$1,650

Membership price $99 per monthy treatment after completion of any package

Experience one of our many deep cleansing facials, skin correcting treatments and enhancements. Whether you are looking for a one-time facial or a custom-made treatment plan, there is a service to meet your needs. From Facials to non invasive skincare therapy we have something that will suite you just right. Product lines include SKINLUXE, Image Skincare, Skinscript rx, Drmtlgy, Glymed, Eminence and a variation of other incredible skin correcting lines. Introducing monthly membership discounts! Schedule monthly,  and  be on your way to heather, better looking skin! Our natural cell turn over cycle is every 28 days, as we age that number gets higher. Receiving deep corrective treatments in between that time will perfect your skin more quickly. Keep in mind, its easier to prevent than it is to correct! The best part of the member perk? Zero "sign up" fee! its more of a loyalty perk. Once you book monthly and become a loyal member you will receive the monthly price of your facial. for LUXE and SIGNATURE facials only. First time guests will receive an intro member price .  More info/ photos on all social media platforms. Social links located at the bottom of the web page. For quick communication please contact me by texting. Due to the high volume of spam calls, i don't answer unknown numbers. Leaving a voicemail is also recommended with a light description of how i can help you. This will allow me to get back to you promptly in between appointments. Thank you!

Booking your appointment online | please use the "click to book appointment" button located near the bottom of the website. This will bring you to my booking site where you can set up your appointment at your convenience. FAQs are also near the booking button ( please scroll down near the bottom. some folks cant seem to find it ) See all that SKINLUXE has to offer below! follow on instagram and facebook for updates and upcoming specials. Looking forward to meeting you, and getting your skincare journey started!

SKINLUXE is has officially moved locations! New location is in Rocky River at the new "my salon suites" in the Beachcliff plaza on detroit ave! I cant wait to see you all in the new SKIN LUXE home!
19360 Detroit ave, suite 102, Rocky River ohio, 44116


  Dermaplaning - Treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to remove dead skin cells and "peach fuzz" to make your skin's surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. Enzyme masque with scalp massage included. - $45
Deluxe Dermaplane - Full dermaplane with added glow peel - $75

Notox Botox Lift and Contour FacialNot an injection! .. this facial contains professional treatment masks that carry the main ingredient found in botox, Argireline. this main compound is what affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscle contractions do not deepen expression wrinkles . also helps with skin firmness due to its collagen producing ingredients, hydration , softness and pore size. this application is preformed from the neck up, also can be done on the chest! includes full custom "luxe" facial with high frequency. - $175

NEW! Most Booked ( August & September Special $30 off )
Triple Stacked Facial - Dermaplane, Hydrafacial, Nano infusion. 3 of my most popular treatments stacked into one! Thats some supreme skin renewing force! Completely customized to you.This is what i do personally every 3-4 weeks on myself. So many of my clients ask " how can i get skin like yours" well, this is a start! with proper at home care and spf of course. I decided to put this triple action facial on special for the "season". The feedback and love, you all have given this trifecta, is the reason why IT IS HERE TO STAY!  $320 value for $209! you can book as many times as you want, there is no limit.  - $209  * this is also great for any bride wanting to prep the skin for the big day! you can get this treatment monthly leading up to the week of.
Deluxe Hydraglow - Microdermabrasion accompanied with a hydrafacial and oxygen infusion. - $169

Deluxe Lift - Hydrafacial & Microcurrent treatment,
finished with a nano infusion
 session with a multi peptide blend - $299

hydrafacial , microcurrent , microdermabrasion & nano infusion descriptions are listed throughout down below . If on mobile, please keep scrolling for full list of services


This face and neck sculpting treatment is used to “work out” the muscles of the face, stimulate collagen, and tighten skin appearance. Microcurrent uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate muscle, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cell growth, and collagen development in the dermis on the face. Microcurrent facials tighten and smooth the muscles and connective tissues in the face by increasing cellular activity, the technology works in harmony with the natural bio-electrical currents naturally found in our bodies to help speed up the cellular regenerative process resulting in firmer, healthier, more youthful looking skin. and will reduce wrinkles, lift the face as well as brighten and help with some surface scarring. 

Since this is a modality that requires consistency, clients should do weekly treatments. What’s  even better about microcurrent is that it is painless an gives instant gratification and long lasting results with continued use 

All skin types are great for microcurrent. However, people with pacemakers, metal implants, or who have open sores, such as severe acne, should avoid the microcurrent facial, if you are pregnant or nursing you may also want to avoid the procedure. If you have had Botox or injections please wait 2 weeks before you get any facial or microcurrent treatment. 

Microcurrent is a treatment that is recommended once every 3-7 days for a minimal of 8 treatments . They are sold in packages to discount the single treatment price and to see full lasting results. Packages of 10 and 12 are also available. How many treatments a person may need will be consulted upon appointment and skin analysis. If you are some one who is looking for more of a special event package with minimum long term effects, single treatments will be available at full price in your custom bundle . Remember, the more treatments you get the longer the result! 

Microcurrent facials include



Upper body massage 

Treatment masque


You can incorporate many services to further enhance your results! 

Dermal infusion



These services if added on, will be done as the exfoliation process during the facial 

Professional cosmetology. Smart skilled cosmetologist using a modern device while doing hy

Hydrafacial also known as Dermal Infusion is the process of controlled exfoliation, during the procedure, vacuum pressure is used to pull the skin into a chamber, allowing the exfoliating tip to consistently remove the stratum corneum, it is also driving a condition-specific topical solution deep into the skin, right down to the dermal junction where the skin cells are regenerating. This unique system simultaneously exfoliates the skin, while delivering a customized serum formula to target specific skin concerns. It is the only procedure that provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-loving ingredients, leaving clients with soft, fresh, better looking skin. It is safe and painless, allowing clients to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures. Although results are instant, 4-8 treatments are recommended for skin correction. Followed by monthly maintenance for continued correction and prevention






Hydrafacial - $150

Series of 4 - $499

Series of 6 -$795

Series of 8 -$985

Membership price $99 per monthly treatment after completion of any package


Diamond dermabrasion  also known as Microdermabrasion, is an exfoliation procedure that induces the renewal of the texture and tone of the skin with a diamond tip. Removing layers of dead skin and allowing post treatment products to dive deeper into the skin. 
This treatment is great on its own. You can however pair it with a peel , jelly masque or oxygen treatment to further your results!

Note: Single treatment includes. Cleansing, masque, scalp massage, post treatment serum, moisturize and spf. 
Full facial includes Cleansing, enzyme peel, post treatment masque , scalp, facial and upper body massage, post treatment serum, moisturizer, spf 



Single Nano Session - $99
Series of 4 - $350
Series of 6 - $555
Series of 8 - $755
Membership monthly price $79 after completion of any package

Diamond Dermabrasion 30 min treatment - $59
Diamond Dermabrasion Facial - $105

Nano needling uses oscillating motion to treat the skin. Nano needling only affects the epidermis, treating within the upper .2 mm of the skin (stratum corneum) The benefits of this treatment includes immediate glow, promotes collagen production, refines skin surface, improves acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, rosacea with no downtime. Nano needling can be done in conjunction with other treatments, facials or as a stand alone treatment. Nano infusion is non invasive and safe to treat most all skin types and conditions. Recommend treatment time is once every two weeks. 

Note: Single treatments & packages of nano infusion will include a custom accompanying facial 

Image by Alberto Bianchini


This oxygen treatment will include professional-grade skincare formulas that feature high-performance ingredients such as plant-derived stem cells and peptides to boost skin along with the oxygen. After all, it’s the skin care that stays on your skin to make a visible difference!  This oxygen facial offers numerous benefits for a healthy-looking, radiant complexion. Not only is it known to help revitalize the appearance of collagen-depleted skin and add brightness to an otherwise lackluster complexion, but it also helps clean out clogged pores and clarify troubled skin. Overall, a proper oxygen facial will deliver a gorgeous glow and a fresh, uplifted look.



If you have unruly, flat or downward growing hairs, brow lamination can change the direction of growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch and a more desirable brow shape. Brow lamination lasts 4 to 6 weeks generally, with proper care allowing the brow treatment to last as long as 8 weeks.

From an extreme brushed up look to a subtle lift (and everything in between), your brows will appear fuller in an instant using your existing brow hair, making it a great microblading alternative. In order to achieve this lift, brow lamination relaxes and reforms the hairs, which also makes them easier to manipulate in to your desired position - need a little more color and fill? add a brow tint to make your brows stand out and shape the face more evenly. Your morning beauty routine just got a whole lot quicker.


Brow Lamination - $75

Brow Lamination + tint - $85



Lash Lift - $79

Lash Lift + Tint - $85

Lash Lift creates masses of length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes. No mascara. No extensions. No maintenance. It’s a great alternative to lash extensions and the perfect way to enhance what you already have, whether your lashes are long, short, thick or stubborn. This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller, curled lashes that make your eyes appear more open. To really make your eyes pop, add on a tint to your new found luscious lashes! 

With immediate results that last up to 8 weeks, 

Beauty Products
Cosmetic jelly mask, facial skincare. Cosmetologist applies yellow gold alginate mask with


Esthemax Treatment Mask - $30

Jellymasks are made mainly with refined alginate. They contain more alginate than regular rubber masks. So Jellymask texture is like jelly, which provides full hydration and a natural cooling effect all at once. Also they create completely a soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin. This function is the most important. Under the vacuum seal, the mask pushes hydration and nourishing ingredients deep into the skin. Add these amazing power packed masques on to any treatment! 

Antioxidant goji - increase collagen 
Super greens Strength - restore ph & balence
Spot diminishing - brighten 
Egyptian rose - wrinkle fighter 
Pure Himalayan white tea - clarifying 
Resilience caviar - contouring 
Australian gold - firm and refine 
Radiance biotin - glow and strengthen
Intensive after care - instant relief & blemish reduction
Skin warrior - elastin restoring 
Brightening complex - inhibits melanin 
Beta carotene - vitamin A 
Illuminating orange - anti pigment 
Vampire PLLA - ploy L lactic acid
Youthful elixir - truffle + 24k gold

Image Skincare Ipeel - $125
The Image Signature Ipeel  

This “4-layer facelift” is the Image Skincare classic signature service. Look immediately more hydrated and refreshed. Helps to reduce redness and dehydration through gentle exfoliation. Made from vitamin c, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and gently effective enzymes and speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types, even rosacea and sensitive skin. This is a mild peel. The Signature Facelift will change the look of your skin in just one application. Using vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, and gentle yet effective enzymes, this peel will speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening, and brightening your skin. The Signature Facelift is great for sensitive skin, rosacea, dry and dehydrated skin. 30% blend of Vitamin C , fruit enzymes and Hyaluronic Acid exfoliates, hydrates and provides antioxidants to the skin. 

Lactic 20% Lightening Peel - $55

This Peel is an intense superficial peel that will lighten dark spots and enhance radiance to the skin. no downtime, just glowing skin!

Glycolic 30% Resurfacing Peel - $55

effectively addresses the adverse signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and light hyperpigmentation without visible flaking.

Perfect Derma Peel $350 and BioRepeel $275 are now available at SKINLUXE

please text or ask on next appt to know more information.

for all peels: SPF MUST be applied everyday! inside, cloudy day or not. SPF is crucial for everyday use. even more important after facials and peels! spf is applied after you moisturize. spf in makeup does NOT count. a layer of protection is the goal. last step in skincare routine  

* individual results may vary



Lash Tint - $35

Brow Tint - $15


Monthly Member Price Brow Tint $8 | Lash tint - $15

Eliminate the need for brow pencil and mascara with a brow and/ or lash tint

Brow - 8
Lip - 8
chin - 8

Full face including cheeks - $39 

 waxing is not bookable online. Since its a quick service, if you need any waxing please txt and i can usually squeeze you in. If you need it done with another service that you have or want to schedule, just let me know when you come in and we can just add it on.

LED red light is treating the facial skin of a young woman. High quality 4k footage.jpg


LED Treatment - $40

Sugar Wax





LED therapy, devices send light waves deep into the skin to trigger natural intracellular reactions. Depending on the light, your skin is going to respond differently. If red, your skin responds by building, strengthening, and maximizing cellular structure. If blue light, specific wavelengths stimulate production of oxygen radicals that kill  acne bacteria, all without damaging skin. Pairs great with all skin treatments




Can i get a facial or hydra facial while pregnant / breast feeding?

yes! everything is customized, even my hydro solutions. rest assured you can relax and continue to achieve your skincare goals all while carrying your sweet babe!

How often can i get the Triple Stack? every 4 weeks! like any other facial

Whats the difference between signature and luxe facials? signature is very surface level and more of relaxing treatment. Luxe facials actually clean on deeper level and help combat major skin concerns. Triple Stack is the best option for this. start your facial journey how ever you like!

Do you offer chemical peels? yes. many kinds. for deep peel a consultation will be needed. those are not on the service menu.

I tried calling and thought i was getting disconnected? Im sorry if your'e having trouble. please note i DO NOT answer unknown phone numbers,  ( thanks to never ending spam calls ) also i could have been in an appointment with someone. please TEXT me for anything and i will happily reply as quick as i can and assist  you.

Do you carry skincare products? Of course! let me know if you need anything, or wanting to start on a routine that is recommend just for your skin, based on what i see in the treatment room.

Booking side note - If you come across an issue with booking a time, and an unknown problem occurs that suddenly shows the available time is "gone" please TEXT me asap! 440 541 8651. some people have zero issues with online booking, a few do. i can schedule you manually. Text me the time, day and service you need. hope this helps

additional booking option, text me! For fast response . 440-541-8651
Please provide your name and which service you would like. Too many options? Not sure which one would suite your needs? That’s ok! We can schedule a regular facial for you, or you can book it your self by clicking the link above, it’s just to block out time. We will consult upon your arrival and you’ll receive just what your skin needs!

Cancelation policy: when booking your appointment a credit card will be asked to hold your appointment ( YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED) unless in the event of a no show/ no contact to reschedule, a 50% charge of your scheduled service will be applied 

My Salon Suites
Suite 102
19360 Detroit ave, Rocky River, OH, 44116

440 541 8651 ( please text )

instagram- @skinluxe.cle | facebook -skinluxe cleveland

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